What We Do

Lamèsè is a global health organization which also works at the local level with the aim of improving the experience of providers and users of the health system. We offer a variety of specialized consulting services in health management, quality improvement, health law and compliance geared towards addressing issues in a manner best suited to the unique needs of each client we serve.

Our Practice Areas

Public Health Law & Policy

Healthcare Facility Compliance

Health Quality Improvement & Research

Healthcare Management

Medico-Legal Services

For Health Organizations

We provide one off or continuous services specially tailored to help you meet your organizational goals. These services can be rendered as part of a comprehensive package to your organization. Alternatively, organizations are at liberty to determine what specific services they require based on its needs. These services include :
  • Assisting health facilities obtain licenses with the relevant body
  • Align health law and policy with practice and vice-versa
  • Development of compliance tools for maintaining standards, passing subsequent compliance inspections, reducing liability and helping facilities run more efficiently.
  • Recruitment and credentialing locum and permanent health staff
  • Provision of tools for integrity in billing and cost of care
  • Guidance on the use of data management systems to improve efficiency and effectiveness while safeguarding patient privacy and health information.
  • Supporting organizations to implement quality improvement models to help identify and close systematic gaps through training, coaching and mentoring
  • Development of organizational strategy and guiding change management processes to improve organizational culture with the aim of improving patient safety and workplace satisfaction.
  • Reviewing and drafting legal agreements and other legal documents (tenancy agreements, contracts, conveyances etc)
  • Training on medico-legal issues for staff
  • Expert reports and opinion writing.

For Non-Health Organizations

Lamèsè provides unique expertise which helps organizations create environments that support good health and improves the wellbeing of employees as well as helps meet your health related corporate social responsibilities. Our bespoke services means that your organization’s peculiar needs are addressed in a way best suited for its culture and environment. The services we provide include:
  • Facilitating occupational medical examinations
  • Occupational medical and ergonomics advisory
  • Occupational travel medical consultancy
  • Facilitating mental health and wellness services
  • Coaching and training on health-related topics
  • Health related corporate social responsibility consultancy
Lamèsè also provides bespoke services for individuals and international partners, not limited to the following:


  • Litigation Support Services (Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury)
  • Registration of foreign-trained health professionals with relevant regulatory bodies.

International Partners

  • Facilitating medical placements in healthcare institutions
  • Conducting legal and/or health research and analysis

For Healthcare Training / Educational institutions

The push towards offering care that is more patient centered means that trainees of your healthcare training institution should leave equipped with skills that enable them to provide services that are respectful of and responsive to patients’ rights needs and values. Lamèsè helps you do this by providing the following services:
  • Medical law and ethics training
  • Development of courses ( in-person and e-learning modules) at basic , intermediate and advanced levels on health rights, patient centered care and medical law & ethics
  • Organization of CPD courses
  • Seminars
For any services that you require which may not be captured, please contact us.